My name is Jan and I’ll be sharing my experiences coaching students through various aspects of the college admissions process.

I’ve been doing this for almost a decade, helping students navigate the proper courses in school, tutoring them for various standardized exams, revising personal statements, and finally, preparing them for interviews with various universities. My students have gained acceptances to Brown, Barnard, Duke, Cornell, Middlebury College, and The University of Chicago to name a few. And through it all, the two things I find to be most important in successfully navigating this often murky and complicated arena of college admissions are good habits and a positive mindset.

You see, too often parents focus on the end goal of getting good SAT scores and crafting the perfect personal statement. But where are these kids getting the motivation from to do such things? Is there someone in their lives that can provide the proper examples and inspire your children? Are you encouraging and saying the right things to help foster the proper mindsets so that your child has something to actually put down on paper? I’ve seen very bright students lack the drive and assertiveness to perform even to their own capabilities. But with the proper conditioning and social cues, I’ve also seen a reversal in attitude in as little as TWO MONTHS! Amazing right?!

So what can you do today to start this process? Include your child in every day decisions, no matter how nominal. It might be as simple as what flavor ice cream you should buy or what movie to watch during family movie night. The sooner they feel empowered, the better they can take charge of their own affairs when it comes time to do so.

I’d love to hear from you folks so please feel free to leave any and all comments, including what you would like to hear about next. Happy reading!

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