Your Kids Need More Discipline

Motivation is not enough.  I’ve heard it so many times. Motivation is the supposed well-spring from which all wonderful things come to be. Did well on a test? He was SO motivated! Didn’t get the grade you want? Wasn’t motivated enough to study for it. That second part actually highlights the issue with motivation, and […]

SAT vs ACT: Which one should YOU take?

Before I go ahead and answer this question, it’s important to know what exactly standardized testing aims to achieve. It is essentially a benchmark exam which allows college admissions officers to compare your performance to that of the kid across the country who wants the same seat in school that you covet. A ‘scaled’ score […]

The Epidemic of Being ‘Well-Rounded’

Our ability to read and react properly to a situation plays a crucial role in our survival. That much is undeniable. Hunting for food, planning an assault during wartime, navigating office politics: these are all high stakes situations that require us to respond in real time and the consequences of a poor decision can be […]

Snapchat is ruining your kids!

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not about to bash social media because I use many of these applications. Facebook is for the big announcements, Instagram is the metaphorical shoe box of things that I keep, and Snapchat is used when I want to be silly but don’t care to keep traces of said silliness. They […]